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Vukovar, Croatia

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"The Vukovar Water tower, along with the Vucedol Dove, is one of the most famous symbols for suffering of the city of Vukovar during Croatian Homeland War. Because of its height that makes a vivid impression, it was the most frequent target of enemy forces in 1991 - especially because of the Croatian flag place on the top. During three months siege, this 'giant' was hit with more than 600 shells which caused a significant damage, but not destruction.
The spirit and willpower of Vukovar citizens were not destroyed by the shells either. Two brave Croatian defenders were most credited in keeping the spirit up. Then 23-year old Ivice Ivanika who had been murdered in Vukovar and Hrvoje Dzalto climbed all over again to the top of the water tower replacing destroyed Croatian flag with a new one.
Impression of the damaged water tower made it a symbol of devastation, but also a symbol of resistance, defiance and invincibility. This i swhy the building will not be repaired from outside to remind to remember tragic events in 1991.
Water tower has become a memorial place conserved from outside. However, its interior will be restored and revitalized.
The significance of water tower goes beyond the local region - it will stand permanently to remind people of tragedy that happened to citizens of Vukovar and defenders from all over Croatia. As sush, it will be a reminder that such evil never happens again."
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