Part 15: Vrelo Bune and Mostar

Mostar is one of the destinations where I am looking very forward to. I have seen so many beautiful photos of the famous bridge in Mostar that I can not wait to see if it is just as pretty in reality. Before I go to Mostar, I make a quick detour to Vrelo Bune in Blagaj. Vrelo Bune is a spring and is a nice place to visit before you head into Mostar. Nothing too spectacular, just a nice, beautiful place. (I think it is even a religious place but at the time I arrive, the place is almost completely empty)

I take some photos and continue to Mostar.




Not even half an hour later I arrive in Mostar. I already booked an accommodation when I was having lunch in the restaurant earlier. The room that I booked is at Villa Globus, a nice guest house near the historical center of Mostar. The place has a garage for the bike as well. I am not sure (yet) how safe this country actually is. The people seem very friendly but that does not mean that all of them are nice. (Spoiler alert: I have not felt unsafe in Bosnia and Herzegovina at any moment)

The owner of Villa Globus, a guy named Sanel, is a very friendly and communicative guy. He gives me very good tips for sight seeing and also for restaurants.

I will start with visiting the famous “Stari Most” (this translates to “old bridge”) first. This is the bridge I remember from TV reports on the Bosnian war, that I saw when I was still a kid. Somehow the destroyed bridge is the only thing that really stuck in my head.

The bridge was destroyed in 1993 and rebuild in 2005. It is a very recognizable bridge:


I will get a closeup later. It is fascinating to walk around in this city. This is the first time that I am in a place, where mosques call for prayers (I think this is called “Adhan”,  but please correct me if I am wrong). The calls for the prayers are loud, very loud. I never expected it to be this loud. I know that a large part of the Bosnian population is Muslim but somehow I never thought about the differences it makes in daily life. It feels like a complete different world. This is exactly the reason why I want to explore Europe. I have only seen such a small part of the continent and I hate to have this feeling that I do not know my neighbors.

But hey, I am trying to change that!




In the evening I go to a restaurant where the food portions are way too big. Two Germans next to me are struggling with the amount of food. The two of them share a plate like this:

(Picture of Attiq Suddal, through Google Maps)

They ask me the usual questions:

  • Are you traveling alone? (You are? Wow!)
  • You travel by motorcycle!? (Wow! Respect!)
  • Etc.

And somehow the conversation always ends with people saying: “You are so brave! I would not be able to do this!” Which makes me usually think: “Actually, you can do this too!” I am not saying that traveling solo is for everyone, but a lot of people are just coming up with excuses that do not make any sense!

After dinner I walk back to Villa Globus, but not before I take a last photo of this beautiful bridge. The words “Don’t forget” already gained some weight in my head after seeing the traces of war today. I guess that this is only just the beginning of my trip through former Yugoslavia.


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