Trondheim, Norway

After I drove the Aursjøvegen, I continued my way to Trondheim. I had already planned the route from Sunndalsøra to Trondheim but I had to change that. There was not enough time, because I spent so much time at the awesome Aursjøvegen. I also wanted to visit a GoPro store in Trondheim because I noticed that my (new, I did not try it before) GoPro mount was shaking the whole time.

Just outside Sunndalsøra I had to make mandatory stop: 5000 kilometers (I bought the bike with 1800kms 3 weeks ago)


And the view was not bad at all!

And the view was not bad at all!

After some extra kilometers I had to take a ferry. This was the third ferry on my route. A small one, just like the second one:




Hours driven

What could go wrong with checking in at a hotel?

When I arrived in Trondheim, I first bought some new GoPro mounts at the local store and continued to my hotel in the city center. I stayed in the P-Hotels Brattøra and I already got some regrets for booking this hotel whilst checking in.

The receptionist gave me my access card, and gave me the directions to my room. When I found the room and opened the door, I was standing in a hotel room of someone else. Someone else’s clothes, someone else’s suitcase, someone else’s laptop. Sh*t. Luckily, there was nobody in the room… I could have taken all the valuables of this person and I don’t even want to imagine what kind of a confrontation we would get into, if that person would have been in the room. Or just got out of the shower.

I walked back to the reception and told her about their lack of professionalism. The woman at the reception apologized 100 times, telling her system says that the room should have be empty, that she had no idea who’s room it was, and that it never ever happened before. Right, I might have been unlucky.

I got a different room, this time an empty one, and unpacked my stuff. Ah, I was almost sleeping ON the train tracks. If I had a large stick I could probably hit the trains passing by. Not really good for sleeping purposes, I’m a light sleeper. I probably should have booked an Airbnb apartment (or a different hotel). But, on the other hand, the view was not too bad.

The view from the hotel room of P-Hotels Brattøra

Exploring Trondheim

I showered and decided to explore Trondheim and try to find some dinner and a beer. Trondheim turned out the be a gorgeous small city. This was 50 meters from the hotel:


And they have a huge cathedral as well, the “Nidaros Domen”. I needed to create a panorama of about 10 photos to get everything into one picture:

Trondheim cathedral

And look at these lovely houses next to the cathedral:

Houses in Trondheim

After my walk through the center I got some delicious dinner and a well deserved beer at Tulla Fischer. Actually I also wanted to visit the Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri (brewery) but I was tired and it was already late. I’ll put that on the list for my next visit. I’ll probably visit Trondheim again in the future.

Getting breakfast

The next morning I read some reviews about the hotel in bed. Some people complained about the breakfast… that would stand in front of the door of their room… Wait. What?

Then I found this bag in front of my door.


I expected more from a hotel. Not that I expect a really fancy breakfast, but I do want to see some effort. Not just two slices of bread with some cheese and ham on it, wrapped in a paper. I won’t bother you with the unwrapping experience, but this was my breakfast.


I’ve never been so unsatisfied about a hotel, but I don’t let it spoil my mood. I’m traveling and enjoying every minute when I’m on my motorcycle. But I would recommend you to book one of the other hotels in Trondheim. Today I’m going to visit friends near Trondheim: Rob & Ines.

I leave the hotel and drive to – surprise! – another ferry…

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