20150724 130232 DSF0133

Trollstigen, Norway

I met multiple fellow motorcyclistst he past couple of days, who recommended me to go to the Trollstigen. I had already planned to go there, but it’s always good to get some recommendations of other motorcyclists.

This is for example why I decided to skip driving the Atlantic Ocean Road, although I have seen stunning images of it. Almost everyone told me that the Atlantic Ocean Road is overrated and that there is only one cool bridge and it’s not an exciting road to drive.

When I was heading from Ålesund to Trollstigen, I was followed by a couple on a R1200GS Adventure. When I went left on a intersection, they went left. When I when right, they went right. They overtook me and parked next to the road after a few kilometers. I decided to stop as well. As I already expected, they were also heading to Trollstigen. We decided to drive to Trollstigen together (we were basically already doing this for probably 50 kilometer because we both had a Garmin GPS that sent us the same route…)

The took a short break at the parking place on the foot of the Trollstigen:

20150724 121907 DSF0116

If you look closely, you can see the road going up the mountain:

20150724 122841 DSF0120

This is not a road to make stupid mistakes, but it’s not really a dangerous road. The quality of the asphalt is superb and everyone is driving slowly. There is a visitor center and a viewing platform on the top. You can see the viewing platform on the next photo, on the right (it’s brown).

20150724 125539 DSF0124
20150724 125556 DSF0125
20150724 130512 DSF0144

The three of us got to the viewing platform (there is no entrance fee, in case you were wondering…) and the view was amazing. Check it out:

20150724 130131 DSF0127
20150724 130223 DSF0130
20150724 130436 DSF0139