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Leaving Home

20190831 201423 NTH25019

Gasthof Postkutsche

20190902 101317 1020523
20190901 194831 NTH25034
20190901 195457 1020486

Brauereigasthof Stanglbräu

20190902 195241 NTH25074
20190902 181621 NTH25066
20190902 181611 NTH25065
20190902 181550 NTH25063

Spotted the first Austrian lake!

20190903 152910 NTH25084 20190903 152432 NTH25079


20190903 170546 NTH25089
20190903 165008 1020548

Driving through Austria in the direction of Slovakia

Because of the incoming rain we decided to move east/north-east, to Slovakia. We drove beautiful mountain roads but after not progressing fast enough we decided to buy the vignette that allows us to drive on the highway to Slovakia.

20190904 144128 1020560 20190904 144153 NTH25096 20190904 153829 1020563 20190904 165534 NTH25106 Pano 20190904 184337 NTH25111

MSC Hotel Neunkirchen

IMG 20190904 211948
IMG 20190904 212320
MSC Hotel Neunkirchen

We entered Slovakia!

We entered Slovakia and decided for a quick break at Motorest Bučany. It is a brand-new restaurant and great for a lunch and/or coffee. I also ordered a cola and got this delicous (for us unknown brand) cola.

Later on our trip, I got the same cola served in only Czech Republic. I expected it to be a local former-Czechslovakia brand but it turns out to be owned by Dr. Pepper.

IMG 20190905 125057 IMG 20190905 125551 20190905 124656 NTH25114

Banská Štiavnica

Banská Štiavnica is one of Slovakia hidden gems. We didn't know about it either but when we drove the mountain roads and suddenly we saw a fortress on a hill, and then also a church on an even higher hill. The afternoon sunlight made it even better. Banská Štiavnica is a small town (10.000 inhabitants) but seriously every building in the center is in conditional shape and it is breathtaking to drive (or walk) through the center and enjoy the old historical buildings.

20190905 174055 1020577 20190905 174002 NTH25131

Staying at Villa 27 near Banská Bystrica

20190906 095727 NTH25136
IMG 20190906 095517
20190906 095749 NTH25138
20190906 101010 NTH25143
Villa 27

Enjoying the Slovakian Route 66

20190906 111810 NTH25147 20190906 115327 NTH25152 20190906 115846 NTH25155

Two types of Slovakian Villages

There are two types of Slovakian villages. Villages where nobody is on the streets and villages where everyone is one the streets.

20190906 121837 NTH25165 20190906 122758 NTH25170

Lunch break at Spišské Podhradie

Spišské Podhradie is a wonderful town in the east of Slovakia. It has a beautiful castle and church. We decided to get a pizza here which turned out the most 'interesting' pizza I have ever had. Do not go to that place. Go to Spišský salaš instead for lunch.

20190906 135637 1020591 20190906 135809 1020592 20190906 135844 1020595 20190906 153845 NTH25178 IMG 20190906 145538

Stary Lwów, Krasna, Poland

20190907 104953 NTH25184
IMG 20190907 100439
20190906 200014 NTH25182
IMG 20190907 100654

Lviv, Ukraine (Special)

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Driving from Lviv to the Romanian border

20190909 154124 NTH25350

Coffee stop at Chalet

20190909 173556 NTH25354 20190909 164359 NTH25351

Hotel Family House Lambert, Berehove, Ukraine

IMG 20190909 194435
IMG 3318
Hotel Family House Lambert

The better Ukrainian roads

20190910 100251 NTH25372 20190910 100242 NTH25369 20190910 101301 NTH25373

Passing the Ukrainian - Romanian border

20190910 113526 NTH25384 20190910 113513 NTH25382

Merry Cemetery, Săpânța, Romania (Special)

This is a special. It does not fit into a timeline card because it contains too much content. Read the special here
Read the special Merry Cemetery (Cimitirul Vesel), Săpânța, Romania

Old and new church next to eachother in Bogdan Vodă

The Maramureș region is (also) famous because of its wooden churches. Here we spotted an old wooden church next to a newly build church. It was also interesting to see that they were building new churches on the Romanian country side, whereas churches in The Netherlands struggle with stagnating visitors.

20190910 173202 NTH25470 20190910 173056 NTH25461

So many churches in Maramureș! This time an Orthodox church

20190910 175224 NTH25491

Hotel Alpina Deluxe, Moisei

20190910 181416 NTH25502
20190910 182257 NTH25508
20190910 182402 NTH25512
20190911 090121 1020672
20190911 090515 1020674
Alpina Deluxe

Driving the DN17C from Moisei to Cluj

20190911 111528 NTH25526 20190911 111553 NTH25530 20190911 111744 NTH25532 20190911 111753 NTH25534 20190911 111801 NTH25535 20190911 112518 NTH25539 20190911 110812 NTH25524 20190911 120145 1020677

Staying with friends in Cluj

Driving small roads from Cluj to Sebes, unexpected offroad

20190912 131202 NTH25573 20190912 132633 NTH25579 20190912 132734 NTH25582

The view on Piatra Secuiului, Romania

20190912 142101 NTH25599

Hotel Casa Dives

IMG 20190913 104623
IMG 20190913 103917
Hotel Casa Dives

Transfăgărășan, Romania (Special)

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Hotel Subcarpati

20190913 190658 NTH25792
20190914 101508 NTH25794
Hotel Subcarpati

Transalpina, Romania (Special)

This is a special. It does not fit into a timeline card because it contains too much content. Read the special here
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Hotel Country Club La Mesteceni

This apartment was 'interesting'. We arrived quite late in the evening after driving the Transalpina and the staff was a bit confused when we arrived. This was even more strange because I called them one hour before to check if their restaurant was opened.

The double room we booked was not available anymore so we got an apartment. It didn't matter to us because we only needed a place to sleep and do the laundry. The apartment we got was mainly used for (their?) students. Not the fanciest place but we slept well and did not use the other areas anyway.

In the morning we found out that we had no warm water but the staff quickly fixed this by turning the boiler on. Obviously the apartment wasn't used for a while and therefore the boiler had been shut off.

There is plenty parking space available for motorcyles. I am not sure if the doors close, but they have 4 garages with space for 2 cars per garage available.

20190915 111813 NTH25866
20190915 111834 NTH25869
20190915 111821 NTH25867
20190915 111857 NTH25870
20190915 113040 NTH25874
Country Club La Mesteceni

Coffee stop at Hanul Domnesc

20190915 131511 NTH25876

Driving the twisty DJ582 road to Reșița

20190915 155924 NTH25884 20190915 155850 NTH25882 20190915 154721 NTH25880

Pensiune Muntii Aninei

20190915 185819 NTH25890
20190915 185845 NTH25894
Pensiune Muntii Aninei

Bigar Cascade Water Falls

20190916 103320 NTH25901 20190916 111746 NTH25951 20190916 112000 NTH25958

Romanian road works are sh*t.

So the road was already quite bad for a while but the situation got worse. We were in a line of cars and went through a section with road works. The Romanian road workers somehow thought it would be a bad idea to close the road and they decided to send the cars and us through the road works behind a truck that was spraying fresh tar on the road. Cars were slowing down, coming almost to a halt. Luckily we were able to roll past the cars so we didn't have to stop with our boots in the tar... but still, the bikes are now covered in tar. Sh*t.

IMG 20190916 144229 IMG 20190916 140702 20190916 130649 NTH25969

Hotel Koronna

IMG 20190916 210023
IMG 20190917 090933
Hotel Koronna

Spending two nights at Biser Dunava in Vukovar, Croatia

20190919 103823 NTH26067
20190918 101717 P1020750
20190917 210655 NTH26018
Rooms Biser Dunava

Vukovar, Croatia (Special)

This is a special. It does not fit into a timeline card because it contains too much content. Read the special here
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Rooms and Apartment Vinia

20190919 180502 P1020772
20190919 180414 P1020771
20190919 185246 NTH26074
20190919 180636 P1020774
Rooms and Apartment Vinia

Hotel reAktiv

20190921 101541 NTH26110
20190921 101633 NTH26114
20190921 083318 NTH26106
20190921 083333 NTH26109
Hotel reAktiv

Spending the night at Mühlbacherhof

This hotel is excellent for a stop over when travelling through Austria. It is next to the A10 highway and therefore very well connected but also surprisingly quiet. The room we had was very large. It had a separated toilet and bathroom. The beds were very comfortable and the breakfast was superb. Motorcycles can be parked at the regular parking space and this seemed to be very safe.

20190921 200810 NTH26214
20190921 200850 NTH26218
20190922 102408 NTH26231
20190922 102540 NTH26237
20190922 102348 NTH26229
Hotel Mühlbacherhof

Czech sunset

20190922 184028 NTH26252 20190922 184049 NTH26259

Spending the night at U Gigantu Plzeň

20190923 100222 NTH26266
U Gigantu Wellness Penzion

Exploring the Czech country side

20190923 111154 NTH26269 20190923 113312 NTH26274 20190923 115344 NTH26281

Spending the night at Zum schwarzen Bär

20190923 182148 NTH26285
20190924 093230 NTH26286
Zum schwarzen Bär