Part 12: Stickers

Yesterday evening I worked on the design of stickers for on my panniers, which involved watching many tutorials on YouTube. I want to finish this first because I expect that it will be more difficult to get stickers in the next countries on my list.

Therefore I need to find a place that prints stickers for shop windows and cars. I realise that there is a big chance that the process of printing the stickers might take a couple of days. I hope that I will find someone who is able to do it faster. In worst case I will have to stay here for a couple days. That also does not sound very bad.

I am lucky. The first two print shops only have a printer for paper but the third shop, Croativno, tells me that they can print my stickers. I tell the owner of the place, Robert, that I need the stickers as soon as possible… They give me a chair and ask me to wait. I have no idea for what and how long I have to wait, but since I am in travel-mode I do not really care.

After a while Robert goes out and brings me a snack when he comes back: “Fritule” balls. (Very similar to the “Oliebollen” we eat at New Years Eve in Holland) Meanwhile I am able to figure out why I am actually waiting. I thought they maybe wanted to verify the design with me but they are actually already printing the stickers!

Not much later the stickers are done and they ask me to check if everything is okay. In this moment I really hope that I followed the tutorials on YouTube yesterday correctly… but… the stickers look great.

They only have to put the stickers on the panniers. The stickers are made out of two parts. First they put the black parts on the panniers and then they put the white letters on the black parts.

This is how they did it:









The end result looks like this:


They are awesome! I am very happy!

Thank you for your service Robert, the stickers look great and the quality is outstanding! (I am writing this article in January, 7 months later, and the stickers still look great!)

Thank you for reading!

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