Visiting Slovenia by motorcycle

So far my motorcycle tour trough Europe has been amazing. I started on April 13th and drove within 3 days to the Austrian – Slovenian border. This is where my tour really started. Read more below.

Vršič Pass


In Slovenia I first drove the Vršič Pass together with Alina, a Polish biker girl who I met in the morning. It was the first day that the pass was open and we even saw snow!

Lake Bled


After the Vršič Pass I drove to Bled, the city that is famous because of the stunning Lake Bled. I did a small walking tour to take the photo above and then continued my way.

North Slovenia and Kärnten, Austria


The same day I drove to North Slovenia and Kärnten in Austria, to arrive in Ljubljana in the evening. Especially the small part that I drove in Kärnten was really amazing!

Postojna Cave


The next day I left Ljubljana and visited the Postojna Cave. I did a guided walking tour trough the cave that was very interesting. The cave was really beautiful. I have never been in such an amazing cave before.

Slovenian Border Ridge Road


The next day I drove a route that followed the Italian – Slovenian border where I got almost stuck in the woods. It was also the day that I met Vojko. My encounter with Vojko was the first time that someone approached me on my tour to invite me into his house. The first experience that made me realize that I should not plan anything on my tour and that I should always accept invitations like these (unless it puts me into a dangerous situation).

Koper and Piran


The next day I already left Slovenia. I visited the cities Koper and Piran on my way to Istria in Croatia. These cities are worth a visit, although I think that the cities in the Croatian part of Istria are easier accessible and maybe more interesting.



  • Buy the vignette that is required for the highways. It costs € 7,50 for 7 days or € 30,- for 6 months. You never know when you might need it (for example in case of an emergency). Fines are really expensive if you get caught on the highway without a vignette. You can buy the vignette at almost any gas station within Slovenia or in neighbouring countries near the Slovenian border.
  • Always drive with the lights on. It is required by law. Also during the day.
  • I heard about the existence of special wheel clamps for motorcycles in Ljubljana. I have not seen them personally because I visited Slovenia early in the season. I have not seen any other bikes in Ljubljana on my tour. The few Slovenian bikers who I met, were still complaining about the cold. (“We do not drive if it is under 25 degrees Celcius”)

Thank you for reading!

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