Apartmány Zaria Bešeňová

Apartmány Zaria

We entered Slovakia!

We entered Slovakia and decided for a quick break at Motorest Bučany. It is a brand-new restaurant and great for a lunch and/or coffee. I also ordered a cola and got this delicous (for us unknown brand) cola.

Later on our trip, I got the same cola served in only Czech Republic. I expected it to be a local former-Czechslovakia brand but it turns out to be owned by Dr. Pepper.

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Banská Štiavnica

Banská Štiavnica is one of Slovakia hidden gems. We didn't know about it either but when we drove the mountain roads and suddenly we saw a fortress on a hill, and then also a church on an even higher hill. The afternoon sunlight made it even better. Banská Štiavnica is a small town (10.000 inhabitants) but seriously every building in the center is in conditional shape and it is breathtaking to drive (or walk) through the center and enjoy the old historical buildings.

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Staying at Villa 27 near Banská Bystrica

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Villa 27

Enjoying the Slovakian Route 66

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Two types of Slovakian Villages

There are two types of Slovakian villages. Villages where nobody is on the streets and villages where everyone is one the streets.

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Lunch break at Spišské Podhradie

Spišské Podhradie is a wonderful town in the east of Slovakia. It has a beautiful castle and church. We decided to get a pizza here which turned out the most 'interesting' pizza I have ever had. Do not go to that place. Go to Spišský salaš instead for lunch.

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