Part 4: Postojna Cave, Slovenia

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If you are in Slovenia (and like caves) then the Postojna Caves or the Škocjan Caves are a must visit. After desperately trying to find the Škocjan Caves (read: messing up my navigation), I decide to go to Postojna Caves. (Later I found out that there are obviously two Škocjan Caves on Google Maps and I picked the wrong one… No wonder that I was not able to find the caves. I was looking in the wrong forest…)

Tours at Postojna Caves take place every whole hour and I just miss the 15:00 tour because I have to change my motorcycle shoes for comfortable walking shoes. I will have to wait for the 16:00 tour but will leave me with the following problem: the lockers, for storing my boots and jacket, are in a building that closes at 17:00 but my cave tour will be finished at 17:30. The lady at the ticket desk recommends me to ask in the restaurant because they are open till 18:00. I can leave my stuff in the storage room of the restaurant. They leave me in the storage room, where also the wallets and other belongings of the staff are stored. People trust each other here, that’s good!

I buy tickets for the German cave tour (only 3 people in the German tour, 50 people in the English tour, easy pick) and we leave into the caves with a little train. The train drives 2 kilometers into the cave, and then there we have to walk about 1 kilometer through the caves. It is an easy walk. This part of the cave is very easy accessible, especially compared to the other two ‘levels’ of the cave (obviously the cave has 3 layers). The cave is huge, impressive, beautiful and interesting.







When the tour is finished I get my jacket and boots out of the storage room at the restaurant and use the public wifi to book a hotel in Nova Gorica. I take the highway because I am already quite tired and already bought the required vignette for that two days ago. At 19:00 I arrived in Nova Gorica, got some pizza, edited some photos and almost immediately fell asleep…

To be continued.

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