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Merry Cemetery (Cimitirul Vesel), Săpânța, Romania

In the north-west of Romania you will find this "different" cemetery. The crosses are painted in (heavenly) blue and have a short story about the life, death or secrets of the deceased person. The oldest crosses are made in 1935. Almost every cross has a illustration of the person who died.

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One of the more "famous" crosses has this text written on it:

"Under this heavy cross
Lies my poor mother in-law
Three more days should she have lived
I would die, and she would read (this cross).
You, who here are passing by
Not to wake her up please try
Cause' if she comes back home
She'll criticise me more.
But I will surely behave
So she'll not return from grave.
Stay here, my dear mother in-law!"

Or the cross for the three-year-old who died in a car accident:

"Burn in hell, you bloody taxi
That came from Sibiu.
Of all the places in this country
You had to stop right here.
By my house you hit me so
And sent me to the death below
And left my parents full of woe."
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There is a nice church with a beautifully decorated ceiling on the cemetery too.

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