Part 7: Krk, Croatia

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I drive from Moscenice to Rijeka. It a a beautiful sunny day and I have planned a route for the island Krk. I do not know anything about the island, not even how to pronounce it’s impossible name. When I enter Krk I arrive at a toll station and have to pay toll. It costs me 35 Kuna, just a bit less than 5€, and the guy tells me that I only pay for entering the island, exiting is free. Alright, I continue over the bridge that connects Krk with the main land.


This morning I did not have any breakfast and I had the plan to buy it somewhere on the road. I already tried to get breakfast at two places near Rijeka but they only had drinks and no food. I am really hungry now which is not a big surprise considering that it is already 11:00 and I am already driving for 1,5 hours. In the first village on Krk I am unable to find breakfast. People at a cafe tell me that the season has not started yet and therefore most restaurants are closed or have at least their kitchen closed. The next village I am more lucky. The first two places do not offer any breakfast but the third one, a hotel with a restaurant, does. It is a typical hotel breakfast but it is a good one… and honestly… I would eat anything at this moment.



After breakfast I visit Baska, the place that everyone recommends me to visit. The quality of the road is good, just as anywhere else on the island, and the views are not bad either. But when I arrive in Baska I am not sure why everyone was so enthusiastic about this place. I mean, it is not a bad place to be, but it is just a place on the Croatian coast, just like all the other places. I drive up a mountain and get a view over the town. Like I said, it is okay but not spectacular.


I shorten my route on Krk a bit because I am not very impressed by the island. Istria was more beautiful and I prefer to have more time for the Jadanska Magistrala, the coastal way along the Adriatic Sea that will bring me to Zadar tonight. I follow the quickest road, from Baska to the town that has the same name as the island: Krk. From there I drive directly to the bridge that connects Krk to the mainland. The bridge and especially the opening in the rock are quite impressive. It is hard to stop in the last kilometers but there are some construction works and I manage to park the bike somewhere safe. I actually should not park here but that is one of the advantages of driving a motorcycle: you can park anywhere.



I take a few photos and say goodbye to the island. A cool experience but not a must visit for me. Now I start with the highlight of my tour, which will be covered in a new article: the Jadanska Magistrala!

The route I drove today

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