Part 13: Jadranska Magistrala Split – Dubrovnik

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The weather is perfect. It is very sunny and a lovely 27 degrees Celcius. The perfect weather to drive! I am very happy with my brand new stickers and decide to drive completely from Split to Dubrovnik today because I was told that this part of the Jadranska Magistrala (yes, I am still on the same road) should be absolutely breathtaking. Today will be an awesome day!

The biggest part of today’s route will be in Croatia but there will also be a short part that goes through Bosnia and Herzegovina. This will be the first time that my bike will be outside the EU. (Croatia recently became a member of the EU)

The Jadranska Magistrala is not busy at all and the few cars that are driving in the same direction are easy to overtake. It is amazing to drive here!

I think these photos describe my feelings better than words:






I meet a friendly German couple at one of my photo stops and I offer to take a photo of them together. Especially if you travel alone, you realize how great it is when people offer to take a photo of you. Otherwise you will end up with only photos of – in my case – your bike. I always try to offer the same thing to other people. They returned the favor:



Not much later I arrive at the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. At my last photo stop I already put the passport into my pocket. It was safely tucked away somewhere at the bottom of my panniers and I don’t want to hold up the people that might be behind me in the queue.

There are two lanes but everyone is queuing in one lane. I decide to go to the other lane, I mean: I have no idea why nobody is in this lane but the worst thing that could happen is that they will send me back. The border guard sees me approaching and when I want to stop he waves me through. “Just go.” No documents needed.

That was unexpected. I continue driving the Magistrala till Dubrovnik.





In the late afternoon I arrive at Dubrovnik. It is indeed very pretty! Because the sun is already quite low, I check my map for high points. There seems to be an interesting road on the mountain just east of Dubrovnik. Let’s drive up there first!



I am lucky. The sun sets and I find a great spot on the mountain. From this perspective Dubrovnik looks very small and old. I have never seen any images of Dubrovnik, therefore I am very curious. (No, I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones either. Feel free to call me some kind of a barbarian.)


I ask a guy, who is also on the same spot (it’s only the two of us) if he can take a photo and we have a small chat. He is from South Korea. I learn that Dubrovnik is not only famous because Game Of Thrones is partly filmed here, but they also created Anime movies here. That’s why the city is very popular in Asia.



A bit later I find a place to sleep and walk through Old Town. It was absolutely crowded with tourists two hours ago, now there are only a few people walking around in Old Town. All of them seem to be Brits. Drunk and loud Brits.

The place is nonetheless very beautiful. I shoot some photos before I walk back “home”. I am curious how the city will look like by daylight. I will find out tomorrow!





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