Part 8: Jadranska Magistrala from Rijeka to Zadar

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I continue my way from Krk to Zadar on the famous Croatian coastal way: the Jadranska Magistrala. My girlfriend will arrive at Zadar Airport tonight and we will spend the next couple of days together in Zadar. She will arrive around 23:00 and therefore I have to hurry up a bit. We booked an apartment and I want to make sure that I have the key and that everything is okay before my girlfriend arrives.


This part of the Jadranska Magistrala is very busy. I heard that this road is also famous for its accidents but this is difficult to imagine at this stage. When I get to Senj, I notice that almost all the cars leave the Jadranska Magistrala and probably continue their way on the newer highway that was build to provide a faster alternative to travel the Croatian coast. From this point the Jadranska Magistrala is practically empty.



The road is a pleasure to drive and the views and weather are amazing. It is 25 degrees Celcius, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. What an amazing day! I could not wish for anything more. The asphalt is of great quality and there is no gravel in the corners, as there is on some other roads. I can imagine why a lot of accidents happen here though. It is difficult not to speed on this perfect, twisty and empty coastal road.




In the beginning of the evening I arrive in Zadar where I directly drive to the apartment. I call the owner and he tells me that he needs 15 minutes to get to the apartment. When he arrives I get the keys of the apartment and also a nice cold beer. Life is good.

The guy of the apartment is also able to arrange a “shuttle service” to the airport. To make it easier for the taxi driver, he will first pick me up at the apartment and then we will drive together to the airport to pick up my girlfriend. The price would be the same. Great!

When the taxi driver arrives, I notice that this is not an official taxi. The guy does not speak English very well but explains that he is a friend of the owner of the apartment and earns extra money by driving people to the airport. He asks me where I come from and I tell him that I am from Holland. He is instantly able to name a lot of Dutch football players and even the name of the Dutch referee who is currently one of the best referees in the world: Björn Kuipers.

At the (very small) airport I see about 30 people waiting with names written on pieces of paper. There is only one official taxi driver. The rest of the people are just like the guy that just drove me here, friends of hotel/apartment owners who want to earn some money.

My girlfriend exits the airport and is surprised to see me at the airport because the latest instructions I gave her were: call me when you arrive. I did not expect to be there myself because I do not have space for her suitcase on my motorcycle.

When we leave the airport, the taxi driver obviously forgot to pay because he stayed in the car (he usually waits at the exit, where he pays his parking ticket). There are already several cars queueing behind us and there is no way back. The guy notices, opens the barrier for us and wishes us a great evening. Our “taxi” driver just saved an extra euro here. Good for him, it is a nice guy, he deserves it. The “taxi” brings us to our apartment.

My girlfriend and I are quite hungry and after some “Googling” we find a pizza place that is still open. We have to hurry a bit but we are still able our pizza and some drinks. We walk back to the apartment and we talk about the amazing things I already experienced on my trip… it has been great so far!


The route I drove today

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