Getting extra parts at Wunderlich

Coordinates: 50.54636,7.2695201000000225
Latitude: 50.54636
Longitude: 7.2695201

I got two more parts at the Wunderlich headquarters in Sinzig, Germany. I somehow got the wrong headlight protector (my mistake) and had to swap it for the right one. Also, I thought that I did not need a tank bag, but I found myself unhappy with having only the bag on the passenger seat behind me. I needed a bag that was easy transportable and where I could keep my camera and wallet.

Fitting these last parts to my bike took longer than expected because I don’t like to read manuals and prefer to figure out things myself… so I made some mistakes and needed three times to mount the headlight protector to the bike. Argh!

20160413 20160413 160532

Schwäbische Alp

Coordinates: 48.793634036667,9.80225597499998
Latitude: 48.793634036667
Longitude: 9.802255975

The next day I drove through the Schwäbische Alp and headed in the direction of Munich. When I got to Ulm I got back on the highway because I really want to cover a big distance in the first couple of days. My tour will really start in Slovenia, not in Germany or Austria. Everything before Slovenia will just be ‘passing through’ because I will have the time to enjoy those areas later (on my tour or in my life).

20160414 1221 DSF1238 20160414 1157 DSF1234 20160414 1154 DSF1231 20160414 1157 DSF1236

Meeting Michael in Rosenheim

Coordinates: 47.8571272,12.118104700000004
Latitude: 47.8571272
Longitude: 12.1181047

I drove to Michael’s house in Rosenheim. Michael found me on Instagram and added me on Facebook and we already had some conversations through Facebook. He is a motorcycle tour guide and would be able to help me out with giving me some tips for me. We spent the evening marking awesome roads and interesting places on a map.

Thank you for all the tips and letting me stay at your house, Michael!

Bavarian Prealps

Coordinates: 47.797716,11.979434033333064
Latitude: 47.797716
Longitude: 11.979434033333
20160415 1109 DSF1254 20160415 1101 DSF1251

Rossfeld Panoramastrasse

Coordinates: 47.622978906667,13.071303673332977
Latitude: 47.622978906667
Longitude: 13.071303673333
20160415 1535 DSF1287

Rossfeld Panoramastraße

Coordinates: 47.622364716667,13.071358943333053
Latitude: 47.622364716667
Longitude: 13.071358943333
20170824 1731 DSCF8335

Gasthof Postkutsche

Coordinates: 50.3711439,9.766101400000025
Latitude: 50.3711439
Longitude: 9.7661014
20190902 101317 1020523
20190901 194831 NTH25034
20190901 195457 1020486

Brauereigasthof Stanglbräu

Coordinates: 48.8452348,11.985945700000002
Latitude: 48.8452348
Longitude: 11.9859457
20190902 195241 NTH25074
20190902 181621 NTH25066
20190902 181611 NTH25065
20190902 181550 NTH25063

Spending the night at Zum schwarzen Bär

Coordinates: 51.7980629,11.6123316
Latitude: 51.7980629
Longitude: 11.6123316
20190923 182148 NTH26285
20190924 093230 NTH26286
Zum schwarzen Bär