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Aursjøvegen – Eikedalsvegen, Norway

I visited Trædalsstune in Sunndalsøra (which is actually the restaurant of a hotel) and decided to get the buffet. The chef of the restaurant told me that he previously worked as a cook in the Aursjøhytta, somewhere up in the mountains. He told me that I definitely should drive the Aursjøvegen and gave me a flyer. I didn’t know anything about the Aursjøvegen. I did some extensive research on my route but the Aursjøvegen was not something I read about… obviously it was not very well known. I looked up some videos on Youtube and I did not had to think twice. I was going to drive the Aursjøvegen.

The road itself is a toll road, but is free for motorcyclists. You can drive up there with a car, but you have to pay toll. If I remember it correctly, it costs about 50 NOK for cars. Some parts of the road were gravel, other parts were asphalt. The road was originally constructed to be able to create a dam at lake Aursjøen, up in the mountains, and was probably still used for maintaining the dam.

Driving the Aursjøvegen, which is also called Eikedalsvegen (“Aursjø” is the lake, “Eikedal” is the village), was one of the best experiences of my Scandinavia tour. It was more spectaculair than visiting the North Cape, although the North Cape had a higher sentimental value.

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