Today I’m not going to do very much driving but instead I will meet Ines & Rob, friends who moved to Åfjord a few years ago. I left the weird hotel in Trondheim quite early because I saved some time with the “breakfast”. As usual, there is a ferry involved in this plan. Somehow I always feel in a hurry when I have to take a ferry. I don’t like waiting and while driving to a ferry I somehow have the feeling that I should hurry up, because it would be annoying to miss the ferry by just a minute. In the end I always arrive at the ferry too early and have to wait because I’m too early. Norway makes you slow down and that is a good thing., but I always need a couple of days to get used to it.

I got the ferry from Flakk to Rørvik and met a Norwegian motorcyclist on the ferry. He was also driving to Åfjord and was accompanied by his wife and kids who were on the same ferry, by car.


The Norwegian motorcyclist recommended me to drive the (old) coastal route (717) to Åfjord, instead of the new road (715) because the 715 is just boring… I followed his advice and after some twisty, curvy roads I arrived at the house of Ines & Rob in Åfjord. They also had other visitors, family of Rob, and they already made the plan to go to a cave and asked me to join.

I joined Ines and Rob in their car and we drove off after lunch. After a few kilometers I found out that I forgot my camera in the house. I was used to having my equipment always with me on my motorcycle… stupid mistake.

Anyway, first we went to the ocean to spot the Hurtigruten and we were really surprised that we also spotted some whales! My iPhone did not manage to take a photo of the whales (too small / quick / far away) but I did get a shot of the Hurtigruten:


After that, we went on a small hike, up to the cave, the dark spot in the rocks:


Almost there:


This was the view from out of the cave:



As I already said, today is going to be a ‘relax day’ (except for climbing up the trail to the cave, but that was a lot of fun) and I did not do any (other) sight seeing. Tomorrow I will start with driving up the Fv 17 (Fylkesvei = County Road) and I heard some pretty good stories about it! The scenery should be stunning!

We went back to Ines and Rob’s house to make some dinner and exchange stories about living in the Netherlands and Norway… could I imagine myself living in Norway? Hmm.. I might! Thank you for letting me stay with you, Ines & Rob. You have an awesome house and I totally get it why you moved to Norway!

Thank you for reading!

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