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Hi! I’m Niek, and this website is about my experiences about traveling on my motorcycle. Although I never had that passion about motorcycles, that some people have had since they were kids, I got my motorcycle license in 2013. It was more because I needed a challenge than that I really wanted to drive a motorcycle.

During my last motorcycling lessons, just before my exam, I realized that I actually really enjoyed to drive a motorcycle. When I passed my exam, I decided that I should consider buying a motorcycle. It took me about one month of researching, comparing and test driving multiple motorcycles before I got my first bike…


My first bike had to be a beginners bike, a bike that was easy to handle and not too fast. I decided to buy this Honda NC700X with a dual clutch transmission, so I could focus on gaining experience with driving, instead of worrying too much about changing gears. Although some people called my motorcycle “a scooter”, or at least “not a proper motorcycle”, I was really happy with my bike. The DCT was really convenient in the city and made me able to focus more on the road and other drivers. I learned a lot!

I started with some small tours in Germany in 2014. I had only seen Berlin and Dresden so far, therefore I really wanted to explore the rest of Germany. I visited: Leipzig, Weimar, Jena, Nürnberg, Konstanz, Freiburg, Baden-Baden, Heidelberg, Köln, Bonn, Trier, Niederdorla (midpoint of Germany) and Wernigerode. Those were some lovely cities and I really started to fall in love with touring on a motorcycle.


Although Fritz was an amazing bike, I wanted to have a bigger bike so I would be able to drive longer distances. I tested a Yamaha Super Tenere, Suzuki’s V-Strom 1000, KTM’s 1190 and 1050 Adventure and the Kawasaki Versys 1000. The KTM’s really impressed me. It was a lot of fun to drive them, but they might not be as comfortable as I was looking for. My last test drive was on a BMW R1200GS, the bike everyone has, the boring alternative… at least… so I thought. This bike immediately showed me why so many people drive a GS, the handling and the comfort were amazing.

A couple of weeks later I bought my first big motorcycle, a BMW R1200 GS, with a real German name: “Hans-Peter” (this has to be pronounced with a German accent)

Exploring Europe on a motorcycle

In 2015, just after I got “Hans-Peter”, I decided that I wanted to explore Europe on my motorcycle. My girlfriend was on vacation in the USA for three weeks and I had plenty of time to take my motorcycle out for an “extended test drive”. I did not book anything in advance and just drove to Norway. I decided I could visit the North Cape as well. I mean, I was “almost there” anyway. Four weeks later I returned home. What a trip it was. I’m currently blogging about this trip, although my next adventure is already planned:



Niek, August 2015

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Hi Niek, great idea to share your experiences and the best places to work! Good luck and I’ll follow your journeys with pleasure!

    • Thanks, Sabine! I only hope that my “blogging spree” is not temporary. Hopefully, I’ll also improve my english a bit. My English got worse since I’m speaking German all the time.

  2. Very nice to follow you “on the road” Niek!! Have fun! And please, share as much as you can! Looking forward reading and seeing pictures of your road trip! And, Fritz is looking good!

  3. Hi Niek, this blog is awesome! I first saw your photos on instagram, thanks for publishing and writing here.
    The funny thing is, that I almost did the same: motorcycle license in 2013, bought a (smaller) BMW and almost did the same tour last year. As it seems, I started 4 days earlier from germany to cape north, more or less the same route. I fell in love, especially with norwegian countryside and can’t wait to go back.
    So keep on posting, I am exited to see what you have experienced in the north 🙂
    Greetings, Fred

    • Thank you for your reply and compliments, Fred! Yes, the Norwegian countryside is astonishing beautiful. I’ve never seen such a beautiful country before. I’ll keep publishing about Scandinavia the next couple of weeks.

      I’m currently planning a tour through the rest of Europe, just to check if Norway is really the most beautiful country 😉 Keep and eye on my blog or on my Facebook page. I hope to be able to publish a (concept) route soon!

      Viele Grüße, Niek

  4. Hallo Niek,

    Ik als mede motorrijder ben natuurlijk super benieuwd naar je Europa-trip! Misschien dat ik er zelf ook nog wel wat inspiratie uit kan halen! Mijn vader en ooms zijn afgelopen jaar naar de Noordkaap geweest, maar ik kon helaas niet mee vanwege mijn recente knie-OKs. Via je blog en Instagram kan ik stiekem toch nog een beetje meegenieten! 🙂 Je hebt er vanaf vandaag dus weer een insta-volger bij!

    Toi, toi, toi!

    Groetjes Daisy

    • Hi Daisy! Bedankt voor je bericht! Leuk dat je me wil volgen! Tips zijn natuurlijk welkom tijdens mijn trip. Over een maand gaat ‘t allemaal beginnen… ik vind het allemaal erg spannend!

  5. Niek,

    Love to read your blogs.
    Feeling the immediate need to hit the road with my GS.
    Scandinavia is gorgeous,the scenery is endless and the people are nice.
    Have fun,will follow u all the way!

    • I agree, Norway is – so far – the most gorgeous country I’ve been on my GS. Will explore the rest of Europe this year and will keep you posted on that!


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